To my valued clients,
Please take note of the following changes taking place at the practice to ensure safety for all in this unprecedented time.

Appointment Arrival & Intake
Please arrive at your scheduled time and no sooner. Leave shoes outside. I will greet you at the door, provide hand sanitizer, and perform intake which will include a no touch forehead thermometer. Please refrain from contact unrelated to the work such as hugs or handshakes.

Safety Precautions
Masks must be worn by the client and practitioner for the duration of the session. Because of additional safety measures (sanitizing, showering and changing) that need to be taken before and after our session is completed, a payment request which includes service tax will be emailed to you.

Scheduling & Cancellations
Future scheduling can be done via phone, text or email. If you make an appointment and are not feeling fully comfortable with visiting the practice as your appointment draws near, please feel free to cancel or contact me to discuss the situation. Please know that I am excited to resume working with clients, and will not compromise your safety, security and comfort. Consequently, if I do not feel completely healthy and need to cancel an appointment, I will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

I trust you understand and I thank you for your support. See you soon 🙂

About Kaposia Body Works Aligning & balancing the body by lengthening & shifting fascia

Structural Integration (S.I.) aims to unify the physical body in form and function, to improve the interconnection between its elements, and to balance it in gravity. The Rolf Method of S.I. approaches the body’s relationship in space by systematically arranging the plastic media into a more orderly and economical energy unit. Inducing change in the myo-fascial relationships reestablishes the natural alignment to bring forth vitality and well-being. Even a body troubled by pain or fatigue offers vast potential to move toward structural balance and optimal realignment. 

During a series of ten Rolf Method sessions in five weeks, we participate together in this process to align and balance the physical structure, thus opening up the individual's movement potential. Focused attention on releasing and elongating the body's connective tissue primarily addresses the physical body, but also affects the whole person. In unifying with gravity, the body can behave in a balanced way to provide greater freedom and ease and increased energy. And when we feel good, we can do good.

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