Long Haul: A Rolfing Perspective

With well over a year behind us from the time we first heard of COVID-19, we’re now in a strange space. Many aspects of life are moving forward “as usual” yet some people are dealing with a new way of life that includes symptoms and side effects of being a ..Continue Reading

Try it: Roll and Pour

As the year continues to speed by and spring fully gives way to summer, the flow of time, energy, and ideas has been on my mind. This leads me to think about the Roll and Pour. Not to be confused with the Roll ‘n Pour (a device for measuring liquor ..Continue Reading

Recommended Reading: “Breath”

For this month’s installment of recommended reading, I suggest checking out James Nestor’s book, “Breath” by James Nestor. After he experienced a powerful episode during a breathing class, Nestor wanted to learn more about how breathing could positively impact his stress level, sleep, and respiratory health. He used his investigative ..Continue Reading

Reflecting on Bodywork Misconceptions

Happy April! Many companies see April 1st as a chance to grab headlines with silly PR stunts, but today I’m seeking to provide clarity rather than confusion. I reflected on some of the ways bodywork has been misunderstood and here are my thoughts on five misconceptions about Structural Integration with ..Continue Reading

Recommended Reading: “Meet Your Body”

With everyone ready to recover from 2020 I wanted to drop a line and encourage some light reading to enjoy by a cozy fire. A book that I recommend for clients as they go through the process of the ten series is called “Meet Your Body.” The author, Noah Karrasch, ..Continue Reading

About Dr. Rolf: Visionary, Innovator, Educator

Dr. Ida Rolf, the namesake of Rolfing and the Rolf Method of Structural Integration which I practice at Kaposia Body Works, was a trailblazing woman. Her passion for holistic wellness grounded in the scientific point of view has inspired a devoted following around the world as well as strengthened my ..Continue Reading

The Hips Don’t Lie

Yes, the Super Bowl earlier this month was a feat of athleticism. But how about the incredible Halftime Show? The grandiose display of hip-shaking style and stamina brought to mind the important role the pelvis plays in our performance. No doubt Shakira’s salsa would suffer if her pelvis had an ..Continue Reading

What is the Rolf Line?

The hallmark of Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s original recipe for Structural Integration is referred to as the Rolf Line. This invisible line is a personal relationship to oneself and his or her environment. Vertical awareness is key. Being at peace within oneself and with one’s environment simultaneously is what we ..Continue Reading