Structural Integration Align & balance your body by lengthening & shifting fascia

Structural Integration (S.I.) is a holistic bodywork method, also referred to as the Rolf Method, or Rolfing. Our key bodywork service is a process which focuses on the protective layer of the body’s muscles, called fascia (also known as connective tissue). While muscles are contracting tissues that give the body and organs physical movement, the fascia surrounds the muscles, bones, and organs to give muscles their shape and the body its structure.

Persistent discomfort can result from the body being shifted out of alignment by gravity’s continuous pull, the stress of daily activities, and physical injuries. Over time, fascia adjusts to accommodate a misaligned body by shortening and tightening. This leads to an inefficient and imbalanced body, and many people experience pain, stiffness, and loss of energy.

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration concentrates on the connective tissue to align and balance the body in gravity. Our work involves applying systematic pressure to your entire fascial system in order to release and lengthen afflicted fascia. This focused treatment allows your body to resume efficient movement and a greater ease will be felt as the body returns to its ideal structural position.

My goal is to guide you into the extensive benefits of having an aligned and balanced body in gravity. You will move with greater ease, enjoy better posture and even breathe more easily. It will require less energy for your body to function, allowing you to put your effort into living your fullest life.

During the course of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, we will take digital images before and after each session to show your body’s alignment. These images document the physical shift toward a more vertical center line and are used only for the client and practitioner to see the progression of the integration.

Session Details:

Massage Therapy Revitalize your senses and refresh your mind!

Massage has been used for thousands of years to address various ailments, and this healing art is as beneficial as ever in today’s chaotic world. It has a variety of benefits that make it a widely-accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, and its practice at Kaposia Body Works aids in the treatment of many chronic conditions. Massage therapy can provide relief for patients struggling with challenges such as low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, and more.

Massage also helps ease the stress and tension of everyday living that can lead to disease and several common illnesses. Stress is necessary in life. It can motivate us, help us to grow, and push us to achieve our goals. We do not need to and usually cannot eliminate stress completely. Instead, we can take time to recover from stress so the negative effects do not overwhelm us and affect our health.

Menu of Services

Structural Integration
$ 205 90 minutes
Align and balance your body in gravity with focused bodywork
$ 150 60 minutes
Alleviate aches and pains with this essential maintenance treatment
$ 205 90 minutes
Unwind and increase fluidity during an extended session
$ 270 120 minutes
Target tension and fully decompress with a comprehensive treatment