Kelly has impacted many lives through her dynamic bodywork. Her Structural Integration and massage therapy services have helped people lead fuller lives with reduced pain and increased energy. Read testimonials from her happy clients below!

Kelly has helped me to keep running ultra marathons into my seventies.

Wally Goettl

While being a bit of a massage snob, I had never heard of Rolfing before. It is a fascinating process. Very interactive and immediate result oriented. What I find amazing is that while deep tissue massage greatly improves symptoms and pains, it can take several appointments to get a permanent change. With Rolfing, changes are nearly immediate and lasting. Since seeing Kelly, the changes I have experienced have been profound. Balance, pain removal, structural integrity, breath complicity have all improved beyond what I ever imagined. Kelly at Kaposia Body Works has made a profound and long lasting difference in my life. Thank You!

Fran Myers

I’ve sought out massage therapy of various kinds very frequently in my life, but Kelly is uniquely gifted in my experience. I had received deep tissue massage from her on several occasions, when, after suffering a concussion, I first really learned of her healing powers. She correctly observed that I had significant soft tissue adhesion in my back and neck that was exacerbating my recovery, and in one session worked the affected tissues and cured the problem. Shortly thereafter, Kelly introduced me to structural integration, or Rolfing, and I decided to embark on a 10-series. It’s not exaggerating to say it was life-changing. Kelly worked with me to change my self awareness of my body mechanics — my posture, my relationship to gravity and weight, and my awareness of internal energy flow. I’m now conscious in a more continuous and deep sense of how my body functions mechanically, and it has changed my energy level, eliminated nagging pain areas, and even improved my self-image. I’ve since seen her regularly for “tune-ups” to maintain my new-found sense of mind-body-spirit unity. Kelly’s technical skill and knowledge of physiology is remarkable, and at the same time she is a deeply caring and spiritual person. Over a lifetime, we are hopefully blessed to be touched by a handful of people who change the course of our lives for the better — key mentors, teachers, leaders, healers, minsters, friends. For me, Kelly is one of those people.

Chuck Desinger

I completed the ten (10) sessions with Kelly two summers ago. I have found that I am more flexible, have more energy and feel more comfortable in my body. My body feels more efficient when moving. People are amazed to know that I am 62 years of age and work with children and have so much energy! I was so impressed with how knowledgeable and professional Kelly is when working with her!

Vicky Salmela

During my 10 sessions I learned a lot about how my body moves together and ways to keep my posture in a healthy position. Kelly was highly professional. She educated me during every step of the process about what was happening and what we needed to do. She was patient with me in achieving my goals and worked very hard to get them achieved.

Tara Fierke

After completing my 10 Series with Kelly, I feel like I have greater control over my body–running feels more fluid and my strides are much smoother. Kelly is wonderful in a lot of ways, but my favorite part of working with her is her spirit; she truly cares about her clients as “whole people”!

Courtney Poja

For more than 25 years I have carried trauma from my childhood throughout my body. When a stressful job led me to seek massage, I had no idea the incredible journey of self-discovery and healing I would be taken on. Working with Kelly and going through a 10 series of structural integration has been a life-changing experience. I am physically more aware of myself and in tune to how my body is connected. This has allowed the removal of trapped energy within me so recovery can take place.

Joy Blewett

If you are considering a holistic, effective method to eliminate irritating aches and pains, and improving your overall body mechanics, a journey with Kelly through her Ten Series is the way to go! I did – and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Mary Jo Bailey

Kelly has eliminated major aches and pains in my knee areas and the elimination stays in place and I feel stronger as time passes. It’s a very welcome and liberating feeling not to be concerned what happens when I stand after sitting or lying for a period of time.

John Bierman

I have lived with lower back pain and hip pain for more than 20 years but that was before I saw Kelly for my 10 sessions of structural integration!! Yes, I had tried the “normal course” of massage, chiropractor and pain meds with little lasting improvement. Thanks to Kelly’s amazing knowledge and skills, I am able to sleep through the night without pain in my hips!!! Truly a life changing journey with a wonderfully gifted “old soul” healer.

Denise Anderman