Yes, the Super Bowl earlier this month was a feat of athleticism. But how about the incredible Halftime Show? The grandiose display of hip-shaking style and stamina brought to mind the important role the pelvis plays in our performance. No doubt Shakira’s salsa would suffer if her pelvis had an excessive anterior tilt. Checking the pelvis for rotating, twisting and tilting and addressing chronic imbalances can open the door for us to rotate and twist the right way like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

The human pelvis is often thought of as a bowl that connects the axial skeleton to the appendicular skeleton. Its primary function is to transfer the weight of the upper body into the lower limbs during standing or walking. It performs this function partly by providing attachments for, and withstanding the forces of, some of the most powerful muscles in the body. It also serves to protect the organs and tissues of the pelvic region, and some abdominal viscera. The pelvis is indeed a Super Bowl.

An exaggerated anterior tilt of the pelvis disrupts the mechanical environment and causes the metaphorical soup to spill, which can result in low back pain and decreased performance. Often when we are faced with these challenges, we address the symptoms rather than the root cause. We may invest in new equipment, such as new shoes or skis, rather than investing in our biggest tool, the body.

Horizontalizing the pelvis through Structural Integration gets to the root of the matter and allows you to shimmy or sashay out of the studio like Shakira. Investing in your foundation enables you to shake it and not break it as you nurture your full self in a body that is aligned and balanced in gravity.

Client pelvic tilt before and after session
This client wasn’t satisfied with his performance in ultra marathons and came in to address the underlying issues. A horizontal pelvis is key for every session.