The hallmark of Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s original recipe for Structural Integration is referred to as the Rolf Line. This invisible line is a personal relationship to oneself and his or her environment. Vertical awareness is key. Being at peace within oneself and with one’s environment simultaneously is what we mean when we say “the Line.” That is the relationship union Dr. Rolf strove for with this work: the union of the energy of man with the energy of the world.

One question that comes up frequently after receiving the series of ten Structural Integration sessions is, “How do I keep this work?” Cultivating this Rolf Line is one way. During the ten-session series the body is being integrated around a line, and perception of the line can be practiced at home.

Starting each day by clarifying the sense of vertical alignment can be a beneficial time for yourself. To do this, feel your feet and the top of your head while standing. Rest in space and gravity, little by little each day. As you do this, the union occurs where there is less and less of trying to hold ourselves up by bracing and more of a feeling of nourishment and balance in space.

Performing this simple exercise at the start of each day is a wonderful way to begin harmonizing those energies.

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